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Fail it
Fail it - Till you nail it
Life.It’s all about connection.To yourself, nature, and other people.Fail it – till you nail it. Fake it – till you make it. That’s BS. Find out why and how real life works out...
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Spice your Speech
How to spice up your speech – Spice Rack #127 Singing
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Domino (1)
Be the ONE!
Gary Keller’s „The One Thing“ reinterpreted. The Domino-Effect in practice with changing the perspective. Find out more in this video!
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Speaking about courage, vulnerability and resilience.
Inspiring with change of perspective, mindfulness and humor.
Making you feel empowered, lifted and encouraged.


Working with Markus is nothing less than amazing, his passion goes all the way from within and out. He is kind, a great listener and a wonderful public speaker. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to be spellbound by someone on a stage, then Markus is the one!

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Vulnerability is a Superpower! Without failure there is no personal growth. Join me on this journey and how to overcome your fear of failure. Find the courage to do the next step. Dare to be vulnerable.